Evolution MDX-1 (Deposit)

Evolution MDX-1 (Deposit)

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The MDX-1 Training is focused primarily on quickly developing your manual therapy skills - no fluff and no fillers.  You will learn essential techniques that are applicable in a clinic. Everything taught has been field tested with thousands of people and have been shown to improve performance and outcomes with patients.

As part of the MDX-1 Training, we will cover key topics such as:

  • The Myodetox System and Approach
  • Intro to Body Scan and BodyScan Assessment
  • Real World Anatomy and Palpation, Dealing with Myofascial Lines
  • Fascial Release Techniques
  • Myodetox Techniques and Strategies
  • Intro to Movement (MDX-2)

If you have not received approval into the program, you will not be enrolled by paying for the program. Please visit the Myodetox Evolution Application Form to apply. Payments by non-approved students will refunded.